Dedicated to Our Patients

River Valley Health and Dental Center is always accepting new patients. We serve Lycoming County and welcome new patients who wish to establish a medical and/or dental home with us. We serve people across the age spectrum, including newborns and older adults. We also accept a wide variety of insurances, are constantly adding insurance products, provide insurance enrollment assistance, and offer discount programs to those without insurance.

We strive to be a health care provider of choice and an employer of choice. Isn't that the kind of health home you want?

All of our clinical staff are certified and provide quality care to all our patients. RVH&DC operates using a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program that ensures excellence.

Our clinicians and all of our staff are committed to our patients and to working as a team to provide excellent care. As a Community Health Center, we are mission-driven. Just ask any staff member. We are all about improving the health of Lycoming County residents, because everyone's health matters.

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